Porky Pete's Barbeque

"The Best Barbeque Allowed Above the Mason Dixon Line"

Porky Pete's offers such a great authentic southern Bar-B-Que on the shoreline of Connecticut that you might  feel like you are in the south as you eat it.  Our premium meats are smoked long and slow over hard wood chips - and topped with sauces containing a secret blend of spices, the authentic taste seems as if the Bar-B-Que almost has the southern hospitality grilled into the sandwich. Come on in for lunch and taste our delicious Tennessee and Texas style BBQ's. Autumn is a perfect time for a cookout - allow us to cater your party! And if you are looking for a grinder for a crowd or just a corporate business meeting, we specializing in giving you the best of catering and impress your guests with the best. Authentic Southern Bar-B-Que on the shoreline!

About Peter and Selene Sweck

CT-Museum-Croquet-3 My husband Peter and I had been well known in Essex, CT, for many years for our yearly Southern BBQ events in our home. On February 14, 2004 , we opened the doors to our kitchen which housed Porky Pete's BBQ and Catering,  Catering By Selene, and Selenes Sweet Shoppe soon followed

Our southern hospitatily evidenced in our BBQ events grew to include over 150 people. One year at the beckoning of our “WELCOME” poster in the drive, a few New Yorkers took us literally and joined our festivities and food. The laughs enjoyed over the chutzpah at the time were nothing compared to the future humor we have enjoyed in sharing this story of Southern Hospitality in New England.

We still display a 1st Prize Blue Ribbon won by one of our clients using our BBQ smoked St. Louis Ribs.  She was honest and named her winning ribs “I cheated Ribs” and gave us her reward.

We are known for....

  • Our Flexibility
  • Hospitality
  • Excellent Service
  • Authentic Southern Barbeque

What do our customers say?

In the small, relatively modern kitchen...which operates out of Porky Petes in Essex, CT... served period food, planned the menu and donated her services...Read Full Article 

Another happy customer

"You know how they say good things come in small packages? Chalk up one more point for that old adage, because Porky Pete's BBQ in Essex offers another case in point. Read Full Article..."

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